Certicolor - Duha Group


The Duha Group unveils the latest advancement in color reproduction to the Color Industries. Certicolor is a proprietary pre-press and printing process developed and produced by The Duha Group. It will attain truer color reproduction of individual colors, well beyond the limits of conventional process printing, and will certainly compliment paint processes.

The Duha Group is a world leader in the production of high quality, value added color merchandising aids; specializing in coating, striping and chip mounting of precision color matched paints. We have harnessed our expertise in precision color matching and applied it to printing technology. We now offer knowledgeable buyers an affordable alternative in representing their products' color range to discerning consumers.

Certicolor is suitable in many situations.  Use it for long run, mass distribution publication inserts, hand-out color collateral such as Color Cards and Idea Cards, back-print your colour chips with color combinations, create a companion piece for an existing Color Album, Color Chip Rack or Fan Deck. It is also suited for budget conscious purchasers of color collateral for secondary lines or retail outlets, or for limited color ranges. Certicolor will enable buyers to obtain more for less, in reduced cycle-times!

The Duha Group will help you to define the limits of acceptability within the Certicolor process, thus ensuring achievable colors. We will work with your color experts using our innovative "Duha Color Intelligence System" software program and then guide the production process. This attention to detail guarantees successful print reproduction of your Color Collateral!

For more information on Certicolor see the data sheet; Certicolor