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Duha’s mission is to constantly improve our manufacturing processes and be more sustainable.

The Duha Group – its management and employees – recognize its role in creating and fostering a sustainable world. Our goal is to create and maintain a workplace culture that embraces an efficient and conscientious manufacturing process and to encourage our suppliers and customers to engage in innovative and flexible solutions to environmental concerns. At Duha, we measure and monitor our actions to gain a better understanding of our impact on the environment. In addition, many of our suppliers work with us to minimize the impact our industry has on the environment. Our interests as well as Mother Nature’s are a top priority.

The Duha Group has always believed in sustainable business practices. Even before the catchword “green” was marketed, our team was recycling different materials, including raw materials such as paper and paint. We have always been committed to the practice of creating balance between our business, our environment and our community. Why? Quite simply, because we believe it’s the right choice to make.

We are proud of our products, not just because of their obvious high quality but also because of how they are made. Our focus on waste diversion, recycling and sustainable supply chain practices have ensured that our clients receive products that exceed what the marketplace currently offers.

Sustainability is not one-dimensional. At Duha, we ensure that our team, our partners and customers all work together to create a process, a product and a chain which guarantees proper environmental practices.

Some examples of sustainable business practices specific to life cycle of our products include:

  • the use of paper products from responsibly managed forests
  • the use of 70%+ recycled corrugated
  • waste diversion of paper and paints, paints, metals, plastics, aluminum, press materials, office administrative tools, IT equipment and supplies
  • green supply chain practices (including procurement and transportation)
  • Duha Group Team orientation sessions on our sustainability program (for every single employee)
  • sustainable design to suit customer requirements
  • the ability to verify every part of our product is made or can be 100% recycled

We also understand that being a sustainable company means having dynamic processes – nothing is, or cannot be viewed, as static. The world is changing and our customer’s requirements are changing, so we need to change. We will do it through sustainable growth, just as we always have over the 50 years we have been in business.