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Colour Hive is a London based creative agency recognised internationally for its accurate colour and trend forecasting solutions for the design industry. 

Trend Forecasting

By forecasting colour and material trends both locally and globally, Colour Hive has earned an excellent reputation as a global colour trend authority with 87 per cent accuracy on our trend predictions. This gives our clients the competitive advantage to work with primary source information. Our method of research enables us to formulate the right trends at the right time, enabling companies to keep on track, streamline and create focused product ranges.

With this business approach, Colour Hive has helped their customers to cut costs in the development process, add brand value and meet consumer needs and desires, giving them a competitive edge on other brands.

Since our inception we have inspired many companies to become more confident with the use of colour and materials, we have taught professionals to learn how to use colour forecasting information and helped students to understand the importance of design and consumer needs.

Through trend forecasting we have helped our clients to strategise and understand the inspirational process, preparing for future changes in the market.

Our team of experts help companies to understand which factors will influence consumers along with generating inspirational ideas to help these companies to become market leaders. 

How we can help you:

  • By understanding how trends can be applied to the product development process.

  • By targeting consumers more efficiently, anticipating their wants and needs.

  • By creating a competitive advantage over industry competitors.

  • With brand enhancement.

  • By positioning your brand and products through a bespoke design strategy.

  • By understanding new markets and industry changes. 

Sectors we cover:

Architecture / Automotives / B2B / B2C / Consumer Electronics / Exhibitions / Homewares / Interiors / Paint & Coatings / Solid Surfaces / Textiles 

Product Development

Many of our trends translate into commercial realisation. We work with clients to guide accurate colour palette applications, helping to make products a success. 

Market Research/Brand Innovation

We work with clients to develop customised branding and design solutions, offering a complete service including research, colour consultancy, design and print production. 

Colour Cards/Marketing Tools

These practical tools for imparting key colour messages can be personalised and added to bespoke printed trend books for use at colour presentations. 

MIX Magazine

To better serve its clients Colour Hive created Mix magazine. Through this publication we aim to bring colour and trend information to the forefront. We specialise in bespoke printed trend books in collaboration with our clients bringing value to their business. Each publication is uniquely designed to inspire through the use of creative layouts and powerful images. The use of specialized printing processes allows users to view accurate colour and in some cases textures.