We Understand Colour

 Duha Group has both technical and creative expertise.

Our Colour Ecosystem

We use 6-sigma principles for colour control. Focusing on numbers, equipment, colour drift protection, consistency of composition and best practices for specifications and tolerance.



One Size Does Not Fit All

Here at Duha Group we know that every client is different. Our services reflect this and are designed to support a variety of technical resources, budgets and desired outcomes.

Our range of solutions can be tailor-made to meet all of your requirements.



Our Creative Services

To kick things off let’s start with the creative possibilities.

We’ll assist you in achieving tailored colour tools and systems designed for your new business channel, brand or customer group.

Our creative agency Colour Hive has the expertise to bring a fresh perspective to your existing or new colour system.



From colour families and grouping to layout and composition, we’ll provide professional insight to assist with colour selection to build bespoke colour collateral.




From fandecks and chips to colour cards and trend books, our colour tools are expertly developed and ready to use.




Informed and insightful, our creative consultancy Colour Hive has the expertise to incorporate trend-led and emotive elements to create colour palettes that inspire.



Duha Group is a global, industry leading manufacturer of innovative colour marketing tools. We specialise in colour matching, colour mass reproduction and colour system management.


To find out more about our Technical Colour Services contact us today!