About us

Duha Group is a global industry leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative colour marketing tools. We are experts in colour strategy, colour matching, colour mass reproduction, and colour system management. We collaborate with our clients across departments: technical, marketing, finance and accounting, and logistics to create an inclusive Colour Strategy for your brand and products.

From humble beginnings

Duha Group started in the 1940s in Winnipeg, Canada as a commercial printing company. As we grew through the 50s and 60s and the printing industry became saturated, we leveraged our relationships with local Winnipeg paint companies to develop methods of precise colour matching and colour application for paint samples. Focusing on this niche, Duha Group expanded internationally with the development of locations in the US and Australia, with further partnerships being built in China, Mexico, and Germany. Today Duha Group has become the world leader in colour sampling tools.

Our evolution owes much to our mission of 'One improvement in every department every day.'

Connecting the World

Duha and its partners are located in eight countries and service customers in more than 130 countries across the globe.


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Fostering long term relationships through integrity, and a commitment to creative solutions with successful outcomes.


We centre sustainability at every stage of the product life-cycle; from initial design through to our supply chain, general operations and processes.