Colour Forecasting Process

Our creative agency, Colour Hive has more than twenty years’ experience in global and regional trend and colour forecasting. Get in touch with us today to talk about how their expertise in developing industry and region-specific colour palettes and creating inspiring content and marketing can help you deliver a unique visual message for your brand.

Colour Matching Process

Colour matching is the stage in the Duha production cycle where a formula is created in our colour lab for the accurate reproduction of your colour standard. This is a physical piece provided by you (our customer) that represents the colour you want to be reproduced.

Our expert colour matching team will create a formula and an initial small batch of paint. From this a draw-down is created of the reproduced colour which is sent for your review and approval. Duha Group is proud of our 98% first-submission approval record, which helps to ensure a quick transition from matching to production and less administrative work for your busy colour teams.

Once Duha has an approved colour match on file, known as a Golden Formula by our colour lab, we can accurately reproduce that colour to any batch size, at any time, at any one of our global facilities through our shared database and colour technology workflows.

Coating Process

Once colours are approved by your team, our manufacturing process really begins. Using the Golden Formula from the colour matching stage, a full volume batch of paint is produced for your specific colour tools and coated on to your specified substrate. The coated sheet is then cured in a proprietary drying tunnel while maintaining 100% colour accuracy.

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like… watching paint dry! Our methods allow the paint to dry much faster than standard decorative paint, so our teams are kept well occupied!

Printing Process

If you need assistance with the design stage of your artwork, look no further than our amazing team of colour design experts over at Colour Hive. Or, if you have your own design team creating your art files our Project Coordinators will work with you through the proofing and approval of your supplied files.

Once your art files are approved, they head to our printing department. Considering run length and complexity of design we select which of our range of digital and offset press machines is best suited for your work. This could be anything from colour card print, fandeck covers, dividers and indices or the print on individual paint samples. 

Bagging Process

After printing, depending on the final product, there are different directions your colour samples may take. In the case of Take-Home Chips or large sheets, the printed sheets will be cut to size using a guillotine cutter or a die-cutter before moving to our bagging process.

During bagging, the finished Take-Home Chip samples are batch counted into the desired quantity and wrapped in packaging that protects them on the way to their destination. Ask us about upgrading to biodegradable bagging film.

Fandeck Assembly Process

Colour Fandecks are our most popular product with over 1 million fandecks produced and shipped around the world every year.

After printing your colour names and numbers on the coated pages, we collate them with your fandeck covers, introduction pages, colour family dividers, and index pages. These pages are cut down to your specified size and shape, whether square corners, rounded corners (most popular), or a custom die-cut shape. The fandecks then go through our proprietary fandeck assembly machine where our Perfect Size Post is inserted with secure permanent caps. Our Perfect Post technology creates an ideal fit to allow the pages to spin freely while keeping the deck itself tight when not in use.

Many of our customers add special finishing touches to make their fandecks unique, from printed wrap around (c-shape) covers to custom elastic bands that secure the deck while showing off your branding. To talk through other possibilities, or if you have your own customization idea, get in touch today and see how we can make a fandeck uniquely yours!

Shipping Process

When your colour marketing tools leave our factory, we have taken every care and precaution to protect them for shipment, and we’ll work with you on customs, clearance, and any logistical considerations. Our expert shipping team are well versed in Incoterm® requirements and the ins and outs of a sometimes volatile global freight environment. You can rely on us to consider every aspect important to the safe and quick delivery of your products.

Our team can accommodate a wide range of packaging and distribution needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss any special requirements with your Duha Group Sales Director or Project Coordinator.

Distribution Process

Today’s consumers demand flexible options and a localized experience. Whether this is an expectation for all colour tools to be available instore, or a desire for them to be delivered to their home, skipping the store visit altogether; whatever your customer needs, Duha is here to help.

We work with many of our customers in North America on customized distribution packages, helping to manage specific SKU by SKU inventory at each store, forecasting global requirements for companies with hundreds or even thousands of points of sale. Take the headache out of your distribution network by trusting us to keep your colour displays in stock!

Increasingly, many paint companies are looking to reach their customers online while still delivering an accurate colour selection and inspiration tool. We have a variety of online colour tool distribution solutions including our own network of online channels and the capability to work with your e-commerce team to integrate with your current or developing system. Get in touch with us today to discuss our direct-to-consumer programs!