Ready-Made Colour Systems


Colour is technical and creative, at Duha Group, we are experts in both

Proprietary data is used to compare the colour systems of global brands to create a diverse range of competitive and unique systems.

Opting for a pre-selected colour system will save time and cost of development.

You can use a whole system, or create your own subset.

Additional colour tools from replacement chips to fandecks and sheets are available.

And, you can brand it as your own!

The Systems

Expertly developed and ready to go

With a range of pre-selected colour systems you’ll find the ideal solution for your new business channel, brand or customer group.

From comprehensive fashion collections to essential contractor edits, each system is developed with a customer in mind.

Spotlight: Color Guild

Join the club

The wide-format Color Is system features 1320 named colours with a range of supporting tools.

Color Fashions is a compact delivery of 1232 classic and directional colours from soft pastels to vibrant accents.

Membership benefits include

Expert colour trend forecasts 18 months ahead of the season.

Monthly decorating trend marketing for web and social created by colour designers.

Membership is by application only

The Essential Kit For Architects and Professional Contractors

With 36 pages and 203 key colours, Chromaflo Industrial is the compact go-to system for professionals.

Sectioned into clean and muted colours with large chips of the most commercial light hues, Professional Contractor is an invaluable tool for the pro decorator.

For the Colour Lovers

1026 colours arranged by family and colour nuance make Ambiance Plus the perfect system for decorators with a colour mood in mind.

Inspiring colour names and our largest selection of off-whites make this ideal for both domestic and professional consumers.

A longer profile, large chips & intuitive colour wheel arrangement of Spirit 2.0 makes for easy selection from the 1050 colours.

From brights to pastels and the more muted tones between, each colour family is grouped together.

Colour Tools

Making your colours go further

In addition to fandecks, some of our systems have additional colour tools.

Replacement Chips: Color Concert Classic, Color Is, Color Fashions

Starter Sets, Large Sheets, Architect Kits and Albums: Color Is

Colour Cards: Color Is, Chromaflo Industrial Bespoke marketing: Available for any system

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At a glance...

Make it Yours

Get creative and unlock the possibilities of a syndicated system

Our creative agency, Colour Hive loves to tell stories, and over the years has created unique concepts and colour tools for global brands.

From designing a custom cover for your fandeck to creating an inspiring colour card to drive sales, or maybe you have something else in mind?

Colour Hive will bring your story to life.

Share the News

You’ve chosen your colour system, now it’s time to tell everyone

No matter how wonderful your product, it can be hard to get noticed. This is where good storytelling comes in.

We are passionate about colour, and we know the importance of telling colour stories that resonate and inspire your customer.

With our colour forecasting, design and editorial expertise we can devise a marketing strategy for you, and create aspirational colour content for your audience.


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