Sustainability @ Duha Group

At the Duha Group, sustainability is at the core of our product lifecycle; from initial design all the way through to our supply chain, general operations and processes, and our commitment to continuous improvement. Let’s highlight our initiatives and the practices and processes that serve the Duha Group’s commitment to sustainability:


We use sustainable options that are explored with the client at the outset of the project such as minimizing waste through product size and consolidating processes to reduce energy consumption.

Supply Chain

We review the sustainability of our internal and external supply chain through each step of the product lifecycle including procurement and transportation & warehousing.

Review our Supplier Code of Conduct

Operation & Processes

Sustainability is integral to our everyday operation and processes. We work with our utility provider to ensure we are energy efficient and we are compliant with all regulatory bodies for environmental legislation.

Continuous Improvement

As a Lean manufacturing organization, employee engagement and activity are central to our sustainability goals. Our recycling bins are managed through Lean operational process, and our employees are engaged with Duha's sustainability program through company sponsored Lunch & Learns. So here's to sustainability with The Duha Group, as we aim for a greener future.