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Shop4Color provides a secure distribution platform for Duha Group’s global customers, as well as a place for the public to purchase colour marketing tools.



Introducing: Ready-Made Colour Systems

We use proprietary data to compare colour systems from global brands to create a diverse range of competitive and unique systems.

Opting for a pre-selected colour system will save you the time and cost of development. You can use a whole system or create your own subset, and you can brand it as your own!

Additional colour tools from replacement chips to fandecks and large sheets are available.



Expertly Developed and Ready to Go

With a range of pre-selected colour systems, you’ll find the ideal solution for your new business channel, brand or customer group.

From comprehensive fashion collections to essential contractor edits, each system is developed with a customer in mind.

Our Featured Fandecks include…



Spotlight: Chromaflo Industrial

With 36 pages and 203 key colours, Chromaflo Industrial is the compact go-to system for professionals.



Spotlight: Professional Contractor

Sectioned into muted, clean and accent colours with extra large chips of the most commercial light hues, Professional Contractor is an invaluable tool for the pro decorator.



Spotlight: Ambiance Plus

1026 colours arranged by family and colour nuance make Ambiance Plus the perfect system for decorators with a colour mood in mind.



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Or contact us about distributing colour marketing tools direct from Duha Group factories to divisional warehouses or to your customers through a private distribution aisle.



Duha Group is a global, industry leading manufacturer of innovative colour marketing tools. We specialise in colour strategy, colour matching, colour mass reproduction and colour system management.



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