Health & Safety Policy Statement

The Duha Group regards the health and Safety of its employees as an essential aspect of its businesses. We are committed to providing a work environment that will safeguard anyone from personal injury, health problems, equipment and facilities from fire and property damage. In fulfilling this commitment we will provide a workplace which is in compliance or exceeds legislative and industry requirements and standards.

It is the responsibility of all at the Duha Group to follow all established safety standards, to work in a manner to protect themselves and their fellow workers, to report safety hazards and prevent the loss of or damage to property and equipment through any unsafe working practices.

It shall be the responsibility of the Safety and Health Committee to promote safe work practices, conduct inspections, perform accident investigations, and recommend appropriate action on unsafe equipment, working conditions, practices and existing or potential safety hazards.

Management will ensure the establishment and maintenance of adequate standards, procedures, work practices and the state of buildings and equipment in order to provide the safest working environment possible.

Supervisors, working with their staff, are responsible for the safety of co-workers along with the safe conditions and operations of equipment within their department. They are to ensure all staff is adequately trained in their duties and safe working practices. They report to the appropriate department of a Safety and Health Committee Member, any existing or potential safety hazard.

It is the responsibility of contractor/sub-contractors and their employees to meet and exceed Duha’s health and safety program requirements. All visitors and part-time employees are expected to meet the appropriate requirements as well.

The Duha Group and its employees are committed to and are accountable for maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. Any substandard safety and health performance will not be accepted.

Rick Duha, Managing Director

January 8, 2019