We Understand Colour

Duha Group has both technical and creative expertise.

Our Colour Ecosystem

We use 6-sigma principles for colour control. Focusing on numbers, equipment, colour drift protection, consistency of composition and best practices for specifications and tolerance.



One Size Does Not Fit All

Here at Duha Group we know that every client is different. Our services reflect this and are designed to support a variety of technical resources, budgets and desired outcomes.

Our range of solutions can be tailor-made to meet all of your requirements.



Our Technical Services

If you’re looking to refresh or develop your existing system, our technical solutions are right for you.

Objective and data-driven, we’ll provide you with focused analysis and an informed perspective of your colour system.



Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking

Discover whether your system is strong or weak in a specific colour family or hue group with an analysis of relative colour density throughout palette distribution.


Cluster Analysis

A chart of your colours within specific colour distance thresholds to determine optimal quantities of colours for fandecks, colour cards and colour chip display.



Cascade Analysis

Visualise each individual colour in your system with a waterfall of colours to map hue and lightness by classification, and ordered by saturation.




Dispense Colour Analysis

Review and determine whether individual colours can be matched within your specific colourant set.



Colourant Mapping

Map different strengths of colourants, around the hue circle to determine how they track through colour space. This process affects the colours that can be produced from your colourant sets. 



Colourant Interpolation

Create and analyse virtual mixes to track blended colourants through colour space.




Duha Group is a global, industry leading manufacturer of innovative colour marketing tools. We specialise in colour matching, colour mass reproduction and colour system management.


To find our more about our Technical Colour Services contact us today!