We Understand Colour

Duha Group has both technical and creative expertise.

Our Colour Ecosystem

We use 6-sigma principles for colour control. Focusing on numbers, equipment, colour drift protection, consistency of composition and best practices for specifications and tolerance.



One Size Does Not Fit All

Here at Duha Group we know that every client is different. Our services reflect this and are designed to support a variety of technical resources, budgets and desired outcomes.

Our range of solutions can be tailor-made to meet all of your requirements.



Our Reference Services

Colour is experienced both physically and digitally.

With our reference solutions, you can communicate your colour systems through a variety of different mediums.

These solutions are designed for those looking to enhance their physical colour tools with digital representations.



We provide numerical references for design, architectural and technical professionals.




We can provide colour patch images, encoding your colour data for webpage design. Following completion of your Duha Group manufactured physical colour tools, digital representations can be created for online promotion.




Receive assets that are compatible with third party software for digital design and development.



Duha Group is a global, industry leading manufacturer of innovative colour marketing tools. We specialise in colour matching, colour mass reproduction and colour system management.


To find our more about our Technical Colour Services contact us today!