Home-schooling: A new way of living

Uncertainty around school closures and continuing concerns around the safety of group environments is driving an increase in home education

What does this mean for the paint and decorating industry?

This shift to home-schooling and virtual learning has created a demand for well-considered designated study spaces in the family home.


The Importance of Colour

Painting classrooms with colours designed to enhance focus and engagement is an area that has long been of interest to educators.

With the increasing likelihood of more frequent and longer term home and virtual schooling, we predict an acceleration in the redecoration of children’s study spaces, playrooms and bedrooms within the home.

With this in mind, our creative agency Colour Hive has developed three considered colour palettes for home learning.


How can we Help?

Colour Tools are an effective way to guide your customers in making colour choices for these new learning environments.
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A Bold Approach



Taking inspiration from the fundamental building blocks of colour, a primary-inspired scheme is a bold and stimulating choice. 

With high chroma, the three primary shades, Cobalt, Brick Red and Pineapple are cheery and confident.

A monochromatic duo of powdered Chalk White and matte Faded Black are graphic additions that define the palette.




A single, allover application in one primary hue creates a focal point. Chalkboard inspired walls in Cobalt or Faded Black make a fun and potentially  interactive feature wall for playrooms, ideal for sparking creativity.




A confident choice of Pineapple or Brick Red is ideal for motivating and energy-boosting backdrops for study and homework stations.




Utilised as highlights, Cobalt and Pineapple bring an invigorating pop of colour against a crisp background of Chalk White when applied to shelving, cupboards and doors.


New Neutrals



Simple and soothing, this collection of neutral tones works both as a focus inspiring learning environment and blends easily into a family home.

Evocative of Scandi Hygge, authentic and natural shades, Snow Cloud and Canvas are grounded by the warmth of Putty.

A slightly cooler, green tinted, Pigeon and Shaded Grey are added for balance.




For a quiet study space, a backdrop in warm to cool duo Putty and Shaded Grey paired with natural woods makes for an effortlessly on-trend scheme suited to style conscious older children who need calm and focus. 

Equally beneficial for the littler ones, a subtle tone-on-tone gradation in Snow Cloud and Canvas creates a place of comfort and security.




Shaded Grey and Grey-Green Pigeon evoke mountainous terrains through easy colour blocking techniques, ideal for creating simple but effective feature walls in adolescent bedrooms.




Applied as an allover single base hue, these two laid-back neutrals, Snow Cloud and Canvas take inspiration from Scandi Hygge and welcome light into smaller study spaces and play rooms.


Pastel Play



During these uncertain times, the role of colour in wellbeing should not be underestimated.

Here, a selection of light and soothing pastel hues is combined to create a supportive home-schooling environment.

Calm and reassuring, sky-inspired Powder Blue and natural pink Mallow promote a mood of peace and tranquility.

A gently uplifting addition of Sunshine Yellow and Celery nurture and reassure while gentle Alabaster brings clarity.




From quiet study corners to playrooms, interior walls in Powder Blue, Mallow and Celery feel supportive and uplifting. These are an ideal trio for calming negative feelings and boosting spirits.




For simple and time-friendly updates, wooden furniture and playful storage solutions benefit from a lick of paint in sprightly combinations of Sunshine Yellow, Mallow and Celery.




The team at Duha are ready to help you create colour tools to guide your customers for a new home-schooling future.

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Colour directions by our creative agency, Colour Hive. Colour palettes featured can be matched to any colour system and bespoke palettes can be developed.



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