Working from Home

Covid-19 sees work spaces move permanently into the home.

These changes have created a unique opportunity for the decorating industry as the desire for a defined space to work drives increased online searches for 'home office ideas'.


Always on Show

Another driver is the shift to video meetings making the space behind your desk as important as the one in front. This new 'always on show' aspect of home-working will accelerate the overdue redecoration of home offices all over the world. 


Helping your customer choose

Painting is a simple and cost-effective way to create the right environment for home working. With this in mind, our creative agency Colour Hive has developed three inspiring colour palettes for a new #WFH life.

It's a new world out there, and Colour Tools are a good way to help your customers in their #WFH colour choice. Talk to us about Mini-Fandecks or Colour Cards, or perhaps you have something else in mind?

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Think Green


Biophilia and the wellbeing effects of being close to nature are well documented. For this reason, natural greens are a good choice for a healthy home office.

Two yellow-greens, Avocado and Green Tea are soothing partners to the more refreshing Pistachio

Appearing as neutrals, Canvas is a delicately shaded off-white, and gentle grey Pebble, with just a hint of green defines and grounds the palette.




A monochrome scheme of lightest and darkest hues of the palette, Pebble and Canvas styled with houseplants and plenty of natural light has a timeless and sophisticated feel.

The zesty duo, Avocado and Green Tea create a more vibrant and stimulating backdrop for those at-home office spaces, while a combination of Pistachio and Canvas open up and bring light into smaller spaces.




Into the Blue



Diverse by nature, blues have the power to create environments that promote focus, soothe, motivate and energise. Think endless skies and ocean views in the gradient of Uniform Blue, Dutch Blue and Powder Blue.

The addition of a monochrome pair, Pitch Black and Alabaster bring a dynamic and graphic edge.




A transitioning scheme from dark to light blue hues is simply professional. From Uniform Blue through to Dutch Blue and Powder Blue, the space is transformed into an environment designed to promote productivity.

For a sophisticated office, try a monochrome scheme by contrasting Pitch Black and Alabaster. A single note of softer Dutch Blue or Powder Blue adds a contemplative element for those moments of downtime




A Touch of Warmth



Evoking earth, stone and natural woods, this palette of organic and warm hues creates environments that feel protective and cocooning.

The analogous selection of rich and earthy shades, Terracotta through to Clay Pink and Pink Granite are universally reassuring. Comforting, Snow Cloud and Ash are easy, harmonious neutrals.




Radiating warmth, this palette is an ideal scheme for transforming small rooms and alcoves into the perfect working from home office.

A combination of Terracotta or Pink Granite and laidback neutral, Snow Cloud creates a sense of security and comfort.

Transition between blush tones, Clay Pink and Pink Granite for a light feminine feel and a softer space.

For even more reassurance, a combination of Terracotta and heavily shaded Ash, are supremely comforting.

Cozy by nature, a warm scheme can ease tensions and pave the way for more focus as we settle into working remotely.




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Colour directions by our creative agency, Colour Hive. Colour palettes featured can be matched to any colour system or bespoke palettes developed.

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